The NEMO ocean modelling framework has three
major components

  • NEMO-OCE models the ocean {thermo}dynamics and solves the primitive equations 
  • NEMO-ICE (SI3: Sea-Ice Integrated Initiative) models sea-ice {thermo}dynamics, brine inclusions and subgrid-scale thickness variations
  • NEMO-TOP (Tracers in the Ocean Paradigm) models the {on,off}line oceanic tracers transport and biogeochemical processes

Several built-in configurations are provided to evaluate the skills and performances of the model. They can be used as as first easy set-up and as template for setting up a new configuration. Idealized test cases addressing specific physical processes are also available for download.

NEMO is available as a source code, after registration on the NEMO web page, and agreement of the free licence.


How to apply for support

Access to NEMO and the support services via the ENES portal or use the NEMO forge.