A short overview over the first phase of the project (2015 – 2019)


Second phase of the project from 2019 to March 2023

ESiWACE2 image video

In view of ongoing climate change, global storm- and eddy-resolving weather and climate simulations running on (pre-)Exascale supercomputers are needed to advance weather and climate modeling to the needed next level. This short video introduces ESiWACE and its role in overcoming the technical and scientific challenges on the way to achieving this goal.

The DYAMOND iniative

ESiWACE co-organises and supports the DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains (DYAMOND) initiative. This initiative describes a framework for the intercomparison of an emerging class of atmospheric circulation models that represent the most important scales of the full three-dimensional fluid dynamics of the atmospheric circulation.