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Web analysis:
For the statistical data recording of utilisation behaviour, we deploy the Matomo web analysis programme, which utilises cookies and JavaScript to collect various information on your computer and transmit it to us automatically. Each time you visit our websites, our system records the following data and information from the visiting computer's computer system:

  • IP address, anonymised by shortening
  • Two cookies to differentiate different visitors (pk_id and pk_sess)
  • Previously visited URL (referrer), if communicated by the browser
  • Name and version of the operating system
  • Name, version and language setting of the browser

Additionally, if JavaScript is activated:

  • URLs visited on this website
  • Times at which pages are visited
  • Type of HTML queries
  • Screen resolution and colour depth
  • Formats and techniques supported by the browser (e.g. cookies, Java, Flash, PDF, WindowsMedia, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Director, SilverLight, Google Gears)

Data are stored and evaluated exclusively on a central server operated by DKRZ.

The legal basis for the processing of users' personal data is Article 6 (1) lit. f GDPR. Processing of users' personal data enables us to analyse our users' utilisation behaviour. The evaluation of the data we obtain enables us to aggregate information about the utilisation of our websites' individual components. This helps us constantly improve our websites and their user-friendliness. Our justified interest in data processing pursuant to Article 6 (1) lit. f GDPR also lies in such purposes. The anonymisation of the IP address sufficiently takes into consideration users' interest in the protection of their personal data.

The data are deleted after the formation of the conclusive annual sums for access statistics.

It goes that saying that you are able to revoke data gathering. You have the following possibility to revoke data recording by the central server:

In your browser, activate the do-not-track or do-not-follow settings. If these settings are active, our central server will not store any data relating to you.

The do-not-track instruction generally applies only for the device and browser in which you activate the setting. If you utilise several devices/browsers, you will need to separately activate do-not-track in all relevant locations.

These data are not stored together with the user's other personal data.

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