We humans are changing Earth’s climate at an unprecedented rate. This has drastic impacts on the weather and climate in Europe. Current models of weather and climate provide us with valuable forecasts, but still cannot fully resolve storm systems in the atmosphere, and eddies, their oceanic counterparts.

ESiWACE, the Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe,  enables global storm- and eddy resolving weather and climate simulations on the upcoming (pre-)Exascale supercomputers.

By explicitly resolving storm dynamics, we will vastly improve weather and climate simulations and thus our ability to assess risks of extreme weather induced by climate change. Resolving eddies in the ocean is key to improve simulations of the ocean circulation and thus our understanding of future changes of features like the North Atlantic Current, which ensures the temperate winters in Europe.

Improved weather forecasts and climate projections are crucial for preparing Europe for the challenges from changing heat waves, dry spells, rains, and floods. They will inform decisions on emission reductions as well as adaptation strategies for housing, cities, farming, coastal defenses and other parts of society.

Within the scope of ESiWACE and funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program, climate modeling groups have teamed up with high performance computing (HPC) centers and partners from the HPC industry to improve all aspects of the workflow of weather and climate modeling.

Together we: