With ESiWACE we bring together the European weather and climate communities. While the models and software infrastructure software are maintained by the individual teams, some of them easily the size of ESiWACE, ESiWACE connects the individual teams, thus strengthening the developments in these teams and leveraging synergies between them, as many issues and questions on the road to exascale are shared across the individual software packages.

One prime example for this teamwork is the collaboration between Meteoswiss and UKRI/STFC on the developments of Domain Specific Languages. While both teams are developing their individual toolchains, through ESiWACE, these toolchains will be linked, enabling the use of one team's frontend with the other team's backend.

Another example of a collaboration is the Earth System Data Middleware, where University of Reading, Seagate, and DDN work together on one system for storing earth system data, and MPI-M and CMCC provide extensions for on-the-fly analysis.