The ESiWACE projects develop and support specific software packages concerning computing and storage aspects.
As a service to the earth system modelling community, HPC programming support for refactoring models and porting them to GPU architectures is provided via open calls. Further, more specific calls provide support for key software components.

Model Refactoring and Porting

Apply for support with refactoring or porting your weather and climate code to GPUs!


OASIS-MCT is a coupler allowing synchronised exchanges of coupling information between numerical codes that represent different components of the climate system.


Apply for support for the XIOS I/O management library for climate codes!


Get free support for the python based workflow engine and meta-scheduler!

OpenIFS programme

An easy-to-use version of the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System model (IFS)


A modelling framework for oceanographic research, operational oceanography seasonal forecast and climate studies.

Data analysis and visualisation

Data visualisation is the process of transforming information represented by numerical data into visual representations. In this way, the amount of information is drastically reduced with the goal to enable easier and quicker understanding of the phenomena represented by the data. Learn about our data analysis and visualisation activities within ESiWACE.

HPCW Benchmark

ESiWACE will extend and support the High Performance Climate and Weather (HPCW) benchmark developed in ESCAPE-2.

Data Handling Software

ESiWACE is building tools to mitigate the effects of the data deluge from high-resolution simulations.