This service supports the exascale preparations of the weather and climate modelling community in Europe. We create short collaboration projects that provide guidance, engineering, and advice for improving model efficiency and for porting models to existing and upcoming computing infrastructures. All groups developing and maintaining weather and climate codes - not only the ESiWACE2 partners - can apply. The projects, funded by ESiWACE2, will be granted in-kind contributions by the Netherlands eScience Center and/or Atos-Bull.

So if you are developing a weather / climate model and are looking for guidance, engineering, and advice to prepare your code for new hardware platforms such as GPUs, please submit an application to our Service 1 call!

2019: Four projects were awarded funding in this call 2019 and have received support in HPC optimization and parallelization.

2020: The call for proposals in ESiWACE2 Service 1(pdf) closed beginning of November, 2020. The four projects FESOM2, AGRIF, DALES, and RTE+RRTMGP C++ were awarded support.

2021: The call for proposals in ESiWACE2 Service 1 (pdf) is currently open and will close on November 1, 2021 at 14:00 CET.
Please submit the application form in order to apply.