The GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies Panel (GASS) will hold its 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting, Understanding and Modeling Atmospheric Processes (UMAP 2022) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, CA, USA, from 25-29 July 2022.

It will bring together weather and climate scientists, including both observationalists and modelers, to discuss the key issues of atmospheric science. One main theme is "Towards global km-scale modeling and Digital Twins of the Earth System", where our work at ESiWACE fits in.The DYAMOND initiative, co-organised and supported by ESiWACE, is an intercomparison of an emerging class of atmospheric circulation models that represent the most important scales of the full three-dimensional fluid dynamics of the atmospheric circulation.

DYAMOND-related presentations at UMAP 2022 are:

  • Tropical Oceanic Cold Pools in a High-Resolution DYAMOND-ICON Simulation
    Piyush Garg – Argonne National Laboratory 
    - Oral presentation of the winner of the DYAMOND data analysis contest for early career researchers , Wednesday, 27 July, Regency Grand Ballroom

  • An Intercomparison of Tropical Cirrus in the DYAMOND Simulations
    Samantha Turbeville – University of Washington – Climate Change Research Centre
    - Oral presentation, Thursday, 28 July, Regency Grand Ballroom

  • Microphysics dependency on the reproducibility of the MJO in the NICAM DYAMOND 2 experiment
    Tamaki Suematsu – RIKEN Center for Computational Science
    - Poster presentation DT110

  • Object-based Evaluation of Tropical Precipitation Systems in DYAMOND Simulations over the Maritime Continent
    Wei-Ting Chen – National Taiwan University
    - Poster presentation CL29

  • Overshooting Convection and Tropical Cirrus in the DYAMOND Global Storm-Resolving Models
    Jacqueline Nugent – University of Washington
    - Poster presentation CL31

Checkout the preliminary program at https://www.gewexevents.org/meetings/3rd-pan-gass-meetingunderstanding-and-modeling-atmospheric-processes/#Agenda