Jul 18, 2016 10:00 AM to Jul 22, 2016 06:00 PM
(Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


Innsbruck (AT)


Silvia Mocavero, Alessandro D'Anca and Sandro Fiore (CMCC)

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ESiWACE represented by Alessandro D'Anca (CMCC) at the "International Workshop on High Performance Computing for Weather, Climate, and solid Earth Sciences" HPC-WCES, Innsbruck, Austria (18-22 July 2016) with a talk.

The 3rd International Workshop on High Performance Computing for Weather, Climate, and Solid Earth Sciences
(HPC-WCES 2016) scope and objectives are the following:
Most of the legacy and even some of the current advanced Weather, Climate and solid Earth Sciences (WCES) applications require code re-engineering, improving computational kernels, new parallel model design and new algorithms, in order to exploit new and emerging computational architectures and to increase the spatial resolution. At higher resolution, new physical aspects can be taken into account and integrated into the climate models. It is necessary to design efficient and scalable computational kernels and algorithms, as well as considering new approaches and paradigms to better exploit high levels of concurrency in HPC systems. Moreover, due to the emergency of Exascale systems, issues related to energy-efficiency should be carefully addressed. 

The workshop aims at discussing the state-of-the-art research in high-performance computing for WCES applications. Emphasis will be on novel advanced algorithms, formulations and simulations, as well as the related issues for computational environments and infrastructures. 

The workshop aims also at facilitating communication among diverse scientific expertise geoscientists, applied mathematicians, computational and computer scientists to exchange advanced knowledge, insights and science discoveries.