Oct 09, 2023 to Oct 13, 2023
(Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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ECMWF will hold the 20th Workshop on HPC in Meteorology in the historic city of Bologna. Whilst there will be a visit to the Tecnopolo di Bologna –ECMWF’s purpose-built data centre and latest supercomputing facility–, the main workshop programme will be hosted in downtown Bologna, which will provide delegates with opportunities for evening socialising and to explore the rich cultural environment of the region.

Workshop theme

With increasingly more heterogeneous technology being integrated to deliver HPC & research infrastructure solutions, combined with the growth in complementary cloud-based services and rising diversity in the research domains requiring access to computational facilities to provide insight - the theme of the 20th HPC & Meteorology Workshop is "Diversifying HPC".

Workshop description

Every second year, ECMWF hosts a workshop on using HPC in meteorology.

The workshop brings together experts in HPC from national weather centres, academia and industry to discuss and present recent developments in high-performance computing for weather forecasting applications.

Under the theme of "Diversifying HPC", we aim to cover a range of topics exploring the challenges and opportunities these present to the weather & climate community, from identifying people and encouraging greater diversity in our communities to the variety in the technology being deployed in delivering solutions (heterogeneous/modular computing), and increasing diversity regarding the future of supercomputing both with hybrid on-premise/cloud integration and alignment with AI/ML community developments.

Workshop aims

We aim to provide a forum where users from our Member States and worldwide can report on recent experiences, achievements, and future plans in the field of HPC.

Key topics

  • Opportunities presented by heterogeneous computational ecosystems
  • Diversifying workflows
  • Porting of weather and climate codes to heterogeneous architectures
  • Emerging high-performance computing technologies and associated operational considerations (including energy awareness)
  • Challenges in diversifying and identifying technical expertise
  • Aligning conventional HPC & ML techniques to benefit weather and climate
  • Digital twins of the Earth

The workshop will comprise keynote talks from invited speakers, 20-30 minute overview talks and expert presentations, and interactive panel facilitated Bird-of-Feather style open discussions, interspersed with various networking opportunities throughout the week.

The potential to pilot a section for lightning talks and poster session is under consideration.

Call for abstracts

We invite oral presentation submissions for the key topics. If you want to submit an abstract, please complete the form before 30 June 2023.

Submitting an abstract is NOT the same as registering for the event; this must be done separately via the registration form.


If you would like to attend the workshop in person in Bologna or online, please submit the registration form before 25 August 2023.