Convection resolving ICON simulation

The animation shows convection resolving ICON simulations over the tropical Atlantic (by Daniel Klocke, DWD and Matthias Brueck, MPI-M) accompanying the measurnement campaigns Next-generation Aircraft Remote sensing for Validation Studies (NARVAL). Emergent phenomena are featured in unprecedented detail, ranging from cold-pools of small cumuli, interacting squall lines of deep convection to hurricanes evolving from breaking easterly waves. Over 40 days are already simulated within the period of NARVAL-I (Dec 2013) and NARVAL-II (Aug 2016). The model resolution is 2.5 km with a nested domain of 1.2 km over the western part of the domain. These results are further used as input to large-eddy simulations with ICON within the High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for advancing Climate Prediction (HD(CP)2) project.

A major goal of ESiWACE consists in providing prototypical demonstrators to carry out these kinds of simulations at global scale.