Global 5km simulation with local resolution up to 150m

The video above shows results on global storm-resolving and large-domain large-eddy simulations using the ICON large eddy model (ICON-LEM). Results are based on the projects ESiWACE and HD(CP)2 (High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for advancing Climate Prediction).

Global 2.5km simulation

R2B10 (2.5km resolution) ICON NWP simulation after 26h of execution. Start date is the 11 Aug 2016.

The picture shows the state of a 2.5km global numerical weather prediction run using the ICON model after 26h of simulation time. Below, you find an animation of the first 24 hours of the simulation.

Global 5.0km simulation

The video shows a 3-week simulation (including start-up phase) of a global 5km ICON-based numerical weather prediction (NWP) simulation.