What is your role in ESiWACE?

I'm co-leader for the work package Data Systems at Scale and involved in work revolving around Data Post-Processing, Analytics and Visualisation, and training. In data systems, I'm leading the efforts to develop the Earth-System Data Middleware (ESDM). ESDM aims to optimize performance of the large-scale data generated by the scientific simulations while separating the concern of scientists to specify I/O from the system specifications that are needed to achieve high performance. As part of training, I generate educational material for input/output and system storage and I'm particularly enthusiastic to organize the annual summer school that allows international scientists to learn more about HPC!

What do you appreciate most about your work?

The mental challenge of software design and development, the interdisciplinary communication challenges when dealing with international researchers.

Which question in climate and weather research interests you the most?

Long term: How do we as society need to change to deal with climate change and extreme weather events?
Short term and for my kids: Do I need to bring an umbrella or apply sunscreen?

What drives you and what do you want to achieve?

Generally, to be able to contribute to environments and science that aims to overcome problems for society. To develop software that is relevant in practice for High-Performance Computing. To see the successful and efficient execution of large-scale software.

Dr. Julian M. Kunkel
Institute of Computer Science
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and GWDG
Am Faßberg 11, 37077 Göttingen, Germany
website: https://hps.vi4io.org/about/people/julian_kunkel
e-mail: julian.kunkel@gwdg.de