The Netherlands eScience Center is the Dutch national center of excellence for the development and application of research software to advance academic research. The eScience Research Engineers at the eScience center work together with researchers in academia, enabling them to address compute-intensive and data-driven problems within their research. The eScience Research Engineers are researchers that typically hold a PhD, and have expertise on state-of-the-art computational technologies, as well as a keen interest in developing of research software. The Netherlands eScience Center is involved in more than 90 collaborative research projects, spanning many different research disciplines and application domains, of which 11 currently projects are in the Climate Sciences.

Role in the project

In ESiWACE2, the Netherlands eScience Center leads WP3 (HPC services). In particular, the coordination of the HPC services for preparing the community for pre-exascale that are offered as part of WP3. The Netherlands eScience Center will also be involved in providing services on model portability and refactoring WP3 (T2).

Names of the colleagues involved

Dr. Ben van Werkhoven

Relevant infrastructure and services available for climate & weather

The Netherlands eScience Center does not own computing facilities. Instead, NLeSC is a participant in the DAS-5, a six-cluster wide-area distributed system that employs a large variety of HPC accelerators, including GPUs and FPGAs. DAS-5 is a developing platform for parallel and distributed applications and is not intended for long production runs.

In terms of services the eScience center is involved in many projects related to weather & climate, for a full list see: