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Training on Data Input/Output and HPC


  • Software stack as a standardised and efficient platform for Data Input/Output (I/O)
  • Storage application programming interfaces (APIs) and file systems
  • Efficient creation of I/O workflows
  • Performance and efficiency of file systems, non-volatile memory (NVM), tape or object storage

ESiWACE2 plans to create descriptive course material covering the co-designed software stack of WP4 as a standardised and efficient platform for I/O and on how the analysis stack (Cylc, XIOS, ESDM, NetCDF, HDF5) integrates with the underlying storage APIs and file systems (e.g., Mero/Clovis, Lustre), efficient creation of I/O dominated workflows, performance and efficiency considerations when dealing with file systems, NVM, tape or object storage, and cost-considerations in storage architectures.

The material covers roughly 8 hour course work in the form of presentations and a summarising paper covering the individual aspects, with webinars presenting the created OER material and blog entries describing issues. Finally, we plan to harness existing community approaches like the Virtual Institute of I/O (VI4IO, for promoting this training.

Audience: End-users of the weather and climate data community, but the course is generally useful for any data-intensive science.

Schedule: This training is planned as an 8-hour course via webinars and/or blog entries. Dates are not fixed yet.

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