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Training on High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA)

The objective of this training course is to increase scientists’ expertise on scientific data analysis at scale applied to climate and weather domains, using high-performance data analytics tools available from the open source market (i.e., Ophidia). The training covers from simple analytics tasks to workflows and applications (e.g., Python-based) and provides best practices and guidelines on dealing with massive scientific datasets on HPC architectures. The training foresees hands-on exercises carried out through Jupyter Notebooks.


  • Big data
  • Introduction to scientific data management
  • Scientific data analytics at scale
  • Analytics workflows for eScience
  • Big Data in HPC: High-performance data management
  • Open-source High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) tools


The training addresses several vertical training levels (e.g., intermediate, expert) from different horizontal perspectives (e.g., end-user, developer, administrator).

This training is planned as three 8-hour online training courses in 2020, 2021 and 2022, over four consecutive weeks, with 2 hours of work per week required for the participants.

For the 2020 online training course, click here.

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