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HPC user-services

subfolders.sub_thumbnail_SERVICESWithin the ESiWACE2 project, open HPC services to the Earth system modelling community in Europe will be provided (see work package 3 of ESiWACE2 (pdf)).

The goal of these services is to create collaborations that provide guidance, engineering, and advice to support exascale preparations for weather and climate models. It is the aim to improve model efficiency and to enable to port models to existing and upcoming European tier0 systems.

All groups developing and maintaining weather and climate codes - not only the ESiWACE2 partners - can apply. Proposals for such collaboration projects will be peer-reviewed and when found eligible will be granted in-kind support by one of the partners involved.

The following three types of services will be provided:

  • Service 1: Model portability and refactoring
  • Service 2: Coupling, input, output and workflows
  • Service 3: Weather and climate benchmarking


ESiWACE2 Service 1 call for 2020 has been closed.

ESiWACE2 Service 1 aims to support the exascale preparations for the weather and climate modelling community in Europe. We create short collaboration projects that provide guidance, engineering, and advice to improve model efficiency and port models to existing and upcoming computing infrastructure. All groups developing and maintaining weather and climate codes - not only the ESiWACE2 partners - can apply. The projects, funded by ESiWACE2, will be granted in-kind contributions by the Netherlands eScience Center and/or Atos-Bull. So if you are developing a weather / climate model and are looking for guidance, engineering, and advice to prepare your code for new hardware platforms, such as GPUs, please submit an application to this call!

Four projects were awarded funding in the ESiWACE2 Service 1 call 2019 and have received support in HPC optimization and parallelization.

The 2020 call for proposals in ESiWACE2 Service 1 closed beginning of November, 2020. Details on the this call can be found here.


ESiWACE Service 2 offers Dedicated User Support to developers of weather and climate codes to efficiently use the Cylc workflow engine, the XIOS I/O server or the OASIS3-MCT coupler. In this context, we provide technical help to design, upgrade or enhance the implementation of Cylc, XIOS or OASIS3-MCT in your model(s) and/or set up a tailored and computationally efficient coupled systems. Provided by the MetOffice, CERFACS and IPSL, this Service is open to any weather/climate research laboratory in Europe. 

In the first call, two months of Dedicated User Support were granted to NERSC (Norway) as ESiWACE2 Service 2 on OASIS3-MCT in 2020. The next call has been delayed until September 2021 (because of the covid-19 pandemia).

ESiWACE Service 3 will start later. It will build on work in the EU funded project ESCAPE-2. The project ESCAPE-2 will develop a benchmark suite called HPCW that isolates key elements in the workflow of weather and climate prediction systems to improve performance and to allow a detailed performance comparison for different hardware. ESiWACE2 extends the HPCW suite to represent a wider range of community models, tests the performance of HPCW benchmarks on different computing systems, including the pre-exascale EuroHPC systems of the EU. The decision which components will be picked and supported will be based on a peer-reviewed process.

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