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The second phase of the DYAMOND initiative

After a huge resonance for the first experiment, DYAMOND Winter proposes two additional experiments, which will complement the boreal summer period with a winter period. In the second phase, the experiment will be conducted with both, atmosphere only and (if possible) with coupled atmosphere-ocean models, beginning at 20 January 2020 and running until 1st March 2020. Detailed information can be found at the experimental protocol (pdf).

Completion of the simulations is expected for the beginning of 2021.


Contributing to the project

The experimental protocol (pdf) specifies the simulation setup and the model output and data policy. To ensure smooth operation of the DYAMOND Winter data collection, we kindly ask you to adhere to the DYAMOND Winter Data request (pdf) as much as possible.

Initial Data for 20 Jan 2020


Questions or remarks?

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