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Phase 2

DYAMOND Winter Simulations

Getting the data

You are interested in the DYAMOND Winter data, please contact the . Also take a look the wiki page of the MPI-M.
If you work with the data stored at DKRZ, we request that you acknowledge DKRZ and ESiWACE in any publication resulting from this work.


Contributing to the project

The experimental protocol (pdf) for a second set of experiments under northern Hemisphere winter conditions.

Initial Data for 20 Jan 2020

A IFS grib file with initial data for 20 Jan 2020 is available from DKRZ. To process the data, you may use cdo or eccodes.
A NetCDF file, basically equivalent with the grib input (cdo -f nc copy), is provided at the same location as the grb.
Alternatively, the initial data can be directly retrieved from the MARS database at ECMWF with this request file.

Request for the Output Data

This time we will not have enough disk space to keep all data available at the same time. To ensure smooth operation of the DYAMOND winter data collection and provision despite these limitations, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following standards as much as possible: DYAMOND Winter Data request (pdf).

Questions or remarks?

If you need help please contact the .


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