IFS-H is a hydrostatic spectral transform model with a semi-Lagrangian semi-implicit solution procedure, discretised on a cubic octahedral grid (Wedi 2014, Malardel et al. 2016). Here we used the single precision version of IFS (cycle 45r2). Information on IFS can be found at:

Grid Resolution

Here we offer two runs with TCo1279 (~9km) (ECMWF's operational configuration) and TCo2559 (~4km) following the Dyamond protocol. The runs use 137 vertical levels (data provided from level 137 to level 25). The number of grid columns is 26 306 560 (4km) and 6 599 680 (9km). The vertical discretisation uses hybrid vertical levels defined as A(eta) + B(eta)*p_s, with A, B fixed defined parameters and where p_s is the provided surface pressure. Pressure on model levels needs to be calculated by the given formula.


gg_uv_mars_out_ml_vor_div_sh.*.grib, output interval: PT03h (levels 125-137)

Please ignore the dates indicated in these files and concentrate on step for time.

u velocity u
v velocity v


mars_out.*, output interval: PT01h

ci sea ice area fraction
asn snow albedo
rsn snow density
sst sea surface temperature
istl1 ice temperature layer 1
istl2 ice temperature layer 2
istl3 ice temperature layer 3
istl4 ice temperature layer 4
swvl1 volumetric soli water layer 1
swvl2 volumetric soli water layer 2
swvl3 volumetric soli water layer 3
swvl4 volumetric soli water layer 4
es snow evaporation
smlt snowmelt
dsrp direct solar radiation
lspf large-scale precipitation fraction
uvb downward UV radiation at the surface
par photosynthetically active radiation at the surface
cape convective available potential energy
tclw total column liquid water
tciw total column cloud ice water
z geopotential
tcw total column water
tcwv total column water vapour
stl1 soil temperature level 1
Sd solar duration
lsp large-scale precipitation
cp convective precipitation
tp total precipitation
sf snowfall
bld boundary layer dissipation
sshf surface sensible heat flux
slhf surface latent heat flux
chnk Charnock
msl mean sea level pressure
blh boundary layer height
tcc total cloud cover
10 u 10m zonal wind
10 v 10m meridional wind
2 t 2m temperature
2d 2 metre dewpoint temperature
ssrd surface solar radiation downwards
stl2 soil temperature level 2
lsm land sea mask
strd surface thermal radiation downwards
ssr sub-surface runoff
str surface net thermal radiation
tsr top net solar radiation
ttr top net thermal radiation
ewss eastward turbulent surface stress
nsss northward turbulent surface stress
e evaporation
stl3 soil temperature level 3
lcc low cloud cover
mcc medium cloud cover
hcc high cloud cover
sund sunshine duration
lgws eastward gravity wave surface stress
mgws northward gravity wave surface stress
gwd gravity wave dissipation
src skin reservoir content
ro runoff
tsrc top net solar radiation
ttrc top net thermal radiation
ssrc surface net solar radiation
strc surface net thermal radiation
skt skin temperature
stl4 soil temperature level 4
tsn temperature of snow layer
fal forecast albedo
fsr forecast surface roughness
flsr forecast logarithm of surface roughness for heat
iews instantaneous eastward turbulent surface stress
inss instantaneous northward turbulent surface stress
ishf instantaneous surface sensible heat flux
ie instantaneous moisture flux
vimd vertically integrated moisture divergence
tisr TOA incident solar radiation
sro surface runoff
ssro sub-surface runoff
tcrw total column rain water
tcsw total column snow water
cin convective inhibition
kx k index
totalx total totals index
vis visibility
i10fg instantaneous 10 metre wind gust
pev potential evaporation
fzra accumulated freezing rain
ilspf instantaneous large-scale surface precipitation fraction
crr convective rain rate
lsrr large scale rainfall rate
csfr convective snowfall rate water equivalent
lssfr large scale snowfall rate water equivalent
ptype precipitation type


mars_out_ml_moist.*, output interval: PT03h

q specific humidity
clwc specific cloud liquid water content
ciwc specific cloud ice water content


mars_out_pl_gg.*, output interval: Pt1h

w vertical velocity m/s
r relative humidity


mars_out_sfc_ps_orog_gg.*, output interval: Pt3h

lnsp logarithm of surface pressure
geopotential Topography stored as geopotential (z). Multiply with 1/g ? m


gg_mars_out_ml_upper_sh.*.grib, output interval: Pt3h (levels 125-137)

t temperature
vertical velocity/omega in Pa/s



Soil Initialisation

Initial soil data from the ECMWF IFS model state at the initialisation date are time and spatially interpolated.


Input Data

Input data are extracted from mars for the specified start date 2016080100.


Treatment of SST and Sea Ice

Daily updated SST/CI from ECMWF analysis is used.