ICON is a non-hydrostatic model discretised over an icosahedral as described by Zängl et al. (2015).  Here it is run in a global configuration using a set up similar to that described by Klocke et al. (2017).


Grid Resolution

ICON employs horizontal grid spacing of 5km (R2B9) and 2.5km (R2B10), comprising 20 971 520 (5km)/ 83 886 080 (2.5km) grid columns.

The number of vertical levels is chosen as 90. A detailed description of the placement of the vertical levels can be downloaded here.


Output List

Full State Variables (3D), Output Interval: PT01H

Output will be written from level 17 (ca. 40km) onwards.

u zonal wind
v meridional wind
w vertical wind
temp actual temperature
pres pressure
qv specific humidity
tot_qc_dia specific cloud water
tot_qi_dia specific cloud ice


Selected Horizontal Slices (2D), Output Interval: PT15M

u_10m zonal wind in 10m
v_10m meridional wind in 10m
t_2m temperature in 2m
qv_2m specific water vapor in 2m
tqv_dia total column integrated water vapor
tqc_dia total column integrated cloud water
tqi_dia total column integrated cloud ice
tqg total column integrated graupel
tqs total column integrated snow
tqr total column integrated rain
clct total cloud cover
lhfl_s surface latent heat flux
shfl_s surface sensible heat flux
asob_s surface net solar radiation mean since model start
athb_s surface net thermal radiation mean since model start
asob_t TOA net solar radiation mean since model start
athb_t TOA net thermal radiation mean since model start
asou_t Top up solar radiation [W/m2], accumulated
asodifu_s Surface shortwave diffuse upward flux
athd_s Surface down thermal radiation [W/m2], accumulated
athu_s Surface up thermal radiation [W/m2], accumulated
pres_sfc surface pressure
tot_prec total precipitation
cape_ml conv. avail. pot. energy of mean surf. layer parcel
cin_ml conv. inhib. of mean surf. layer parcel
t_g ground temperature
qv_s surface specific humidity
ufml_s u momentum flux at surface
vfml_s v momentum flux at surface


Soil Initialisation

Initial soil data are derived from the ECMWF IFS model state at the initialisation date and time.


Input Data

ICON uses the provided grib file with IFS data from 01 Aug 2016.


Treatment of SST and Sea Ice

ICON uses the provided IFS data (7 day means).