The new coupler OASIS3-MCT_5.0 comes with the following novelties:

  • Python, C and C++ bindings
  • A new load balancing analysis tool
  • An environment to use either SCRIP, ESMF or XIOS to generate regridding weights and to analyse the quality of the regridding
  • A new locally conservative remapping, to be used in particular for runoffs
  • Extension of BLASNEW operation to support combination of coupling fields
  • Improved and additional diagnostics in CHECKIN and CHECKOUT
  • SCRIPR/CONSERV option for normalisation by the true area of the grid cells
  • New options for global CONSERV
  • Extension of oasis_get_intracomm to support multiple components
  • Communication/exchange of simple scalars
  • Update examples in oasis3-mct/examples directory
  • Update to MCT 2.11
  • Update of compiling environment
  • Migration from SVN to GIT for source management
  • Migration of the OASIS3-MCT web site to Cerfacs, see the new site at https://oasis.cerfacs.fr/en/
  • Inclusion of the number of neighbours used in the remapping file name
  • For SCRIPR/CONSERV, specification through the namcouple of North thresh and South thresh values, above which a Lambert projection is activated
  • New NetCDF file format setting through the namcouple
  • Overload oasis_def_var interface to support excluding the argument id_var_shape from the argument list
  • Systematic tests of NetCDF returned error code
  • Update oasis_abort to also write to unit 0 (stderr)
  • Different bug fixes

To get the new version of the coupler, please follow the instructions on the OASIS coupler download page: https://oasis.cerfacs.fr/en/downloads/.

See also our dedicated ESiWACE page on OASIS3-MCT and the currently open call for Dedicated User Support on OASIS3-MCT, which is accepting applications until 15 January, 2022!