With the transition to ESiWACE3, both the project coordination and the communication teams are changing. The recently published ESiWACE newsletter 2/2023 is the last issue prepared by the ESiWACE2 team, and future issues will be prepared by the ESiWACE3 team led by BSC. Jointly with the ESiWACE3 colleagues, we will get in touch with all ESiWACE newsletter subscribers concerning the renewal of their subscription for the third funding phase.

We hope that you will find the final ESiWACE2 newsletter issue to be a worthwhile read, with upcoming events such as the IS-ENES3 webinar on Cylc on 16 March, the nextGEMS cycle 3 hackathon, recently published deliverables and papers, and an open position for a computer scientist within ESiWACE3 at ECMWF.

Best wishes,
Joachim Biercamp, Julia Duras & Dela Spickermann for the ESiWACE2 project office