We provide dedicated TECHNICAL help to design, upgrade or enhance the implementation of XIOS I/O server in your model(s) to set up tailored and computationally efficient I/Os.

XIOS (XML-IO-Server) is a library developed at IPSL dedicated to parallel I/O management in climate codes. XIOS manages output of diagnostics and other data produced by climate component codes into files and offers temporal and spatial on-the-fly processing operations on this data.

This year, one 2-person-month Dedicated User Support will be offered. Provided by CERFACS and IPSL, this service is open to any weather/climate research laboratory in Europe. The service will consist in remote dedicated support on the user code and if required (and depending on the sanitary conditions), an on-site visit by the XIOS support can be organised.

The deadline for this 2nd call for applicants has passed and the call has been closed.

More general information on the services offered within the scope of ESiWACE2 is available on the HPC user services page.