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European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an international organisation supported by 34 European and Mediterranean States. ECMWF's longstanding principal objectives are the development of numerical methods for medium-range weather forecasting, the operational delivery of medium-to-seasonal range weather forecasts for distribution to the meteorological services of the Member States, to lead scientific and technical research directed to the improvement of these forecasts, and the collection and storage of appropriate meteorological data. ECMWF has extensive competence in operating complex global forecasting suites on high-performance computers and in transitioning top-level science from research to operations exploiting innovative approaches in computing science to fulfil the tight runtime and delivery constraints required by Member States. ECMWF has signed the  delegation agreement with the European Commission to operate the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service and the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Role in the project

Apart from being the co-coordinator of the ESIWACE project, ECMWF is also coordinating WP2 “Scalability”, which links closely to ECMWF’s own Scalability Programme launched in 2013 that aims at developing the next-generation forecasting system addressing the challenges of future exascale high-performance computing and data management architectures.

ECMWF will support the integration of the OpenIFS (Open Integrated Forecast System) model in the climate community EC-Earth system, and will contribute to detailed performance assessment and code optimization work enhancing the level of concurrency and the overlap of communication and computation. ECMWF will also investigate the information content of ensemble model output to propose ways for significantly reducing data volume produced by long model integrations.

Names of the colleagues involved

Dr. Peter Bauer, Dr. Sami Saarinen, Dr. Glenn Carver, Dr. Tiago Quintino, Dr. Daniel Thiemert

Relevant infrastructure and services available for climate & weather

ECMWF's computer facility includes supercomputers archiving systems and networks. ECMWF's multi-petaflops supercomputer facility is designed for operational resiliency featuring two Cray XC30 systems and independent Cray Sonexion storage systems. The system comprises two independent subsystems located in separate halls. It has separate resilient power and cooling systems to protect against a wide range of possible failures.  Each subsystem consists of 19 Cray XC30 cabinets equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and around 3500 dual-socket compute nodes per system, a number of Cray Development and Login nodes and more than 6 petabytes of Lustre storage with the ability to cross mount the Lustre file systems between the halls.

ECMWF produces operational forecasts, archives and disseminates global model output to member states under tight schedules employing its computing and data handling infrastructure.

ECMWF also operates a large-scale data handling system, in which all ECMWF users can store and retrieve data that is needed to perform weather modelling, research in weather modelling and mining of weather data.


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