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ARM Limited has acquired Allinea in December 2016. The takeover has been universal. Allinea Software is the trusted leader in development tools and application performance analytics software for high performance computing (HPC) - and one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Allinea has offices in the US, UK and in Japan, and a global network of resellers and partners. Leading users of HPC turn to Allinea for extremely scalable, capable and intuitive tools that improve the efficiency and value of HPC investment by reducing development time and increasing application performance. Allinea’s integrated profiling and debugging tools are relied on in fields ranging from climate modeling to astrophysics, and from computational finance to engine design. Its performance analytics software improves the performance and throughput of HPC systems by analyzing the applications that are run.

Role in the project

Allinea will contribute to the enablement of software tools within the ESM workflow framework encourage best practices to enable large scale application development and analysis support end-users to run outstanding simulations to advance numerical weather prediction and gain new insight in climate science.

Names of the colleagues involved

Dr.Patrick Wohlschlegel, Dr. Florent Lebeau

Relevant infrastructure and services available for climate & weather

Allinea provides software development tools (including Allinea DDT, Allinea MAP and Allinea Performance Reports) to help climate and weather experts design and produce the best possible science at small and extreme scale.

Allinea provides state of the art training in application debugging & profiling and endeavors to promote the best professional practices to improve the accuracy and the pace of climate and weather research.


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