ESiWACE is a one of eight newly funded Centers of Excellence. Our goal is to improve efficiency and productivity of numerical weather and climate simulation on high-performance computing platforms by supporting the end-to-end workflow of global Earth system modelling in HPC environment.

This will be obtained by improving and supporting:

  1. Scalability of models, tools and data management on state-of-the-art supercomputer systems
  2. Usability of models and tools throughout the European HPC eco-system, and
  3. Exploitability of the huge amount of resulting data. 


ESiWACE will develop solutions for cross-cutting HPC challenges particular to the weather and climate domain ranging from the development of specific software products to the deployment of user facing services for both, computing and storage. ESiWACE leverages two established European networks, namely the European Network for Earth System modelling (ENES)the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

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