Latest Thinking is an audiovisual company aiming to bridge the gap between science and society and provide universal access to cutting-edge research findings. Our goal is to communicate science in a way that is accessible to everybody. With videos as visual tools, we transport complex results and share research insights efficiently and in the highest quality. 

We aim to empower scientists to spread their work outside their peer group by creating an infrastructure that enables them to become active research communicators. Latest Thinking offers both an entry point for science topics and a more in-depth look into the topics and disciplines. Combining academic research with appealing illustration design in a video format creates an international scientific community more connected to society. 

Moreover, as an expert in the field of video science communication, we are running the Open Access platform. The website is an online platform that hosts a vast collection of videos featuring presentations from leading experts on various topics, including science, technology, society, and the environment. The website aims to provide free and accessible educational content to the general public and promote lifelong learning.

Role in the project

LT is deeply involved in WP6 (Community engagements, dissemination, and exploitation). Its overall role is gathering specific project results and tailoring them for the different project target groups using multiple editorial formats. An essential part of the project dissemination strategy will rely on video materials. It will be adjusted as the project needs to evolve, with a set of video formats that will help communicate the project objectives, its status, and the results obtained over the course of the project. 

List of people involved

Pajam Sobhani, Sebastian Neumann, Marina Labella

Relevant infrastructure and services 

Videos will be used to empower project scientists to become active communicators and contributors of video content. The types of videos to be produced will be customised to the project's needs.  

First, ESiWACE3 Clips will provide an overview of the project's overall goal and method and highlight its innovative character. Then, once the project has obtained results that will be published in journals, ESiWACE3 Research Videos will also be produced. 

The annual meeting will be the ideal time to create ESiWACE3 Highlight Videos. These videos will capture the overall progress and give an overview of the teams involved. Finally, with ESiWACE3 Progress Videos, we will follow an up-to-date approach to how to share the status of the project teams with the stakeholders.