CSC - IT Center for Science is the Finnish centre of expertise in information technology owned by the Finnish state and higher education institutions. We have a long experience supporting and training researchers with HPC and data management services, data analytics, and code optimisation. We support a wide base of pan-European users and offer technology and service development solutions for research, education, culture and public administration. CSC has strong experience coordinating large-scale European research projects, and we host the EuroHPC LUMI supercomputer, Europe’s first pre-exascale system.

Role in the project

The primary role of CSC in ESiWACE3 is to coordinate the training and capacity-building efforts in WP5, where we focus on offering training on tools developed in the project. The training activities will manifest as summer schools, hackathons and online training, and all material will be reviewed by pedagogical experts in higher education. WP5 also manages a training calendar containing all project partners' training events. CSC is also contributing to WP1 and developing and implementing the typical software stack for ESMs with automated building tools.

List of people involved

Jarmo Makela (WP5 leader), Jenni Kontkanen

Relevant infrastructure and services 

CSC manages the EuroHPC LUMI, a pan-European pre-exascale supercomputer in CSC’s data centre in Kajaani, Finland. LUMI is an HPE Cray EX supercomputer listed 3rd on the Top500 and Green500 lists in May 2022.

The CSC's data centre in Kajaani is built on world-class environmental sustainability and cost-efficiency, helping the European ICT sector to become greener. The E-learning portal of CSC provides several online courses on HPC and data-analysis topics, such as parallel programming, machine learning, containers and workflows.