Erwan Raffin

Eviden designs the scope of Atos’ digital, cloud, big data and security business lines. It will be a global leader in data-driven, trusted and sustainable digital transformation. As a next-generation digital business with worldwide leading positions in digital, cloud, data, advanced computing and security, it brings deep expertise to all industries in more than 53 countries. By uniting unique high-end technologies across the entire digital continuum with 57,000 world-class talents, Eviden expands the possibilities of technologies for enterprises and public authorities, helping them to build their digital future. Eviden is an Atos Group business with an annual revenue of c. € 5 billion.

Role in the project

Eviden’s Center for Excellence in Performance Programming (CEPP) supports practical applications: novel hardware with a focus on EUPEX, weather and climate benchmarking, and a standard software stack for ESM with automated building tools. The CEPP is also deeply involved in the HPC Services to enhance Weather and Climate applications: service portfolio and engagement, services for optimising and scaling models, and services on state-of-the-art development tools. In addition, Eviden’s CEPP is also contributing to organising summer schools on HPC and hackathons on ESiWACE3 developments.

List of people involved

Dr Erwan Raffin, Dr David Guibert, Loris Lucido, Georges-Emmanuel Moulard

Relevant infrastructure and services

Atos’ CEPP has access to two computing clusters hosted at the Atos France facilities. Both are continuously being upgraded to the latest technologies (CPU, accelerators such as GPU, network, memory, etc.).

The first one is a medium-scale system dedicated to experimentation beds. It is heterogeneous, and its resources are evolving quickly to test upcoming technologies.

The second one is a large-scale system based on systems in delivery testing. It is designed for performance and is continuously equipped with hundreds of nodes embedding the last generations of CPUs and possibly accelerators.