SMHI ( is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Environment. SMHI offers products and services that provide organisations with important environmental information to support decision-making. The main fields include weather and climate forecasts/projections, industry-specific services, simulations and analyses. SMHI has a strong R&D focus. With climate research involving all of six research sections, including the Rossby Centre that is responsible for the development and application of regional and global climate models.  In  particular  the  Rossby  Centre  is  active  in  the  development  of  EC-Earth,  being responsible for the development and release of the most recent generation, EC-Earth 3. The Rossby Centre also has extensive experience in the development and application of advanced regional climate models.

Role in the project

SMHI will coordinate the efforts to provide community-wide access to the NEMO and EC-Earth models. This will include user support facilities as well as improvements for the scientific software ESiWACE development process. SMHI will contribute to the development of climate model performance metrics and provide performance benchmark results for the EC-Earth model. SMHI's will also assess the performance optimisations for the EC-Earth model. Finally SMHI will be analysing performance enhancements and maintain new developments in forthcoming EC-Earth releases.

More specifically:

WP1, T1.4: Contributor to Roadmap for HPC for ESM, providing input from the EC-Earth development community

WP2, T2.1: Task lead. Coordinating the monitoring of the level of support, training and integration for EC-Earth, NEMO, OASIS, and XIOS. Focal point for the integration of OpenIFS in EC-Earth as well as substantial part of the implementation.

WP2, T2.2: Liaison with IS-ENES2 WP9 related to performance metrics for ESM. Performance analysis for EC-Earth, particularly coupling and I/O.

WP2, T2.3: Coordination of performance optimisation for EC-Earth within the EC-Earth development community. Contribution to actual optimisation implementation and testing.

WP2, T2.4: EC-Earth development community contact point for ECMWF, coordinating the testing and integration of knowledge compression features.

Names of the colleagues involved

Uwe Fladrich, Martin Evaldsson (scientific software developer), Klaus Wyser (climate scientist)


For references about EC-Earth, can be used.