DKRZ, the German Climate Computing Centre, provides state-of-the-art supercomputing and data service infrastructure to the German and the international climate research community. More than 1000 national and international scientific users use the technical infrastructure of DKRZ to generate, process, analyse and visualise of huge amounts of data in the context of climate research.

As important as providing the infrastructure for research, DKRZ delivers general user support and specific support for problems related to scientific computing: here DKRZ benefits from its role as acknowledged HPC expert especially in the field of code optimisation and parallelisation and participates in many national and international projects.

Role in the project

In ESiWACE2, DKRZ coordinates the project in WP7 (Coordination, Management and Dissemination). This includes the scientific and administrative responsibility for the work of the consortium, ensuring an effective and smooth implementation of the project, and dissemination of ESiWACE2 results and achievements.

Moreover, DKRZ co-leads WP1 (Production runs at unprecedented resolution on pre-exascale supercomputers) and WP5 (Data Post-Processing, Analytics and Visualisation), work packages that benefit from the role of DKRZ as interface between scientific and technical communities.

Apart from this, DKRZ contributes to WP2 (Establish, evaluate and watch new technologies for the community), WP3 (HPC services to prepare the community for the pre-exascale), WP4 (Data systems for scale) and WP6 (Community Engagement and Training). 

Names of the colleagues involved

Joachim Biercamp (coordinator), Florian Ziemen (data visualisation), Chenbo Guo (grant manager), Michael Böttinger (data visualisation), Dela Spickermann (communication and data visualisation), Julia Duras (comunication and model development) and Melanie Krauss.

Joachim Biercamp (DKRZ)  Florian Ziemen (DKRZ)   

   Joachim Biercamp               Florian Ziemen              

Michael Böttinger (DKRZ)    Julia Duras (DKRZ) Dela Spickermann (DKRZ)

 Michael Böttinger                     Julia Duras                         Dela Spickermann

Relevant infrastructure and services available for climate & weather

DKRZ operates MISTRAL, one of the largest supercomputers in Germany with more than 3000 bullx B700 DLC compute nodes (ca. 100,000 cores), a Lustre file system with more than 50 PetaBytes of disk storage and 3.6 PetaFLOPS peak performance.

With respect to data services, DKRZ operates the ICSU World Data Center for Climate with more than 550 TB fully documented climate data and field-based data access. DKRZ is a non-profit and non-commercial limited company and participates in many national and international projects related to climate modeling.