• Name of the position
    Junior Research Associate in HPC

  • Institution hosting
    CMCC Foundation

  • Conditions of the job offered
    We offer the opportunity to join our team through a temporary contract of 12 months starting from July 2023, with the possibility of contract extension or change/integration based on performance, results achieved, and new project opportunities.

The job location is CMCC Headquarters in Lecce, Italy.

  • Position Overview
    The CMCC Foundation is a scientific research center on climate change and its interactions

with the environment, society, the world of business, and policymakers.

Our work aims to stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment and develop

Strategies for adapting and mitigating climate change.

Our Division of Advanced Scientific Computing (ASC) is looking for a new position of

Junior Research Associate in HPC, responsible for supporting research activities in optimization of numerical models and porting to GPU-based architectures.

  • Requirements

We are looking for a motivated person with the following requirements:


  • Sc. degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or equivalent fields;
  • 3+ years’ experience in scientific software development and parallel programming;
  • Excellent knowledge of C and Fortran programming language;
  • Parallel programming with MPI of scientific codes for heterogenous HPC architectures;
  • OpenACC/OpenMP and GPU programming;
  • Performance analysis of parallel codes;
  • Expert with HPC systems;
  • Fluent handling of scripting languages like Bash and Python;
  • Experience in complex software development and software version control systems (e.g. Git);
  • Knowledge in numerical methods and numerical schemes;
  • Knowledge in the application of computational fluid dynamics or weather and climate modelling is an asset;
  • Good knowledge of both written and spoken English language.


Belonging to legally protected categories (ex L. 68/99) will constitute a preferential condition.

Some fiscal benefits could be applied for repatriated workers or foreign researchers/professors, having the requirements defined by Dlgs 147/2015 (for repatriates) or Dl 78/2010 (for foreigners).

Deadline: 15 May, 2023