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The OpenIFS programme at ECMWF provides academic and research institutions with an easy-to-use version of the ECMWF IFS (Integrated Forecasting System) (OpenIFS model), the single column model (SCM) and the offline-surface model (OSM). The OpenIFS model provides the full forecast capability of IFS, supporting software and documentation but without the data assimilation system. OpenIFS has a support team at ECMWF for technical assistance but limited resources for detailed scientific assistance.

ESiWACE supports the integration of OpenIFS in the EC-Earth Earth System Model and thus allows a more frequent update of the atmospheric model component following the ECMWF model upgrades. Further, compute performance enhancements provided with OpenIFS in ESiWACE can be tested more easily within the EC-Earth framework.

How to apply for support:

General user support will be given through ECMWF/OpenIFS. To apply please email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Support for EC-Earth is provided by SMHI: please use the contact form at


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