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MPAS is an atmospheric model that consists of an atmospheric fluid-flow solver (the dynamical core) and a subset of the Advanced Research WRF (ARW) model atmospheric physics. The dynamical core solves the fully compressible non-hydrostatic equations of motion. MPAS uses an unstructured centroidal Voronoi mesh (grid, or tessellation) and C-grid staggering of the state variables as the basis for the horizontal discretisation in the fluid-flow solver. For a more detailed description, see Skamarock et al. 2012.


Grid Resolution

For DYAMOND, MPAS employs the following meshes:

Global mean

mesh spacing

Number of

grid cols

15km 2621442
7.5km 10485762
3.75km 41943042

The number of vertical levels is 75. A detailed list can be found here.



Output List

Full State Variables (3D), Output Interval: PT03H

Output will be written from level 17 (ca. 40km) onwards.

uReconstructZonal zonal component of horizontal velocity
vReconstructMeridional meriodonal component of horizontal velocity
w vertical velocity
temperature actual temperature
pressure pressure
qv water vapor mixing ratio
qc cloud water mixing ratio
qi ice mixing ratio


Accumulated quantities, Output Interval: PT1H

rainc accumulated convective precipitation
rainnc accumulated total grid-scale precipitation
acswnetb accumulated all-sky net surface shortwave radiation
acswnett accumulated all-sky net top-of-atmosphere shortwave radiation
acswdnb accumulated all-sky downward surface shortwave radiation
aclwnetb accumulated all-sky net surface longwave radiation
aclwnett accumulated all-sky net top-of-atmosphere longwave radiation
aclwdnb accumulated all-sky downward surface longwave radiation


Soil Initialisation

To be defined soon.


Input Data

To be defined soon.


Treatment of SST and Sea Ice

To be defined soon.

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