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List of milestones

Milestones are control points in the project that help to chart progress at intermediary points so that, if problems have arisen, corrective measures can be taken. In our project, milestones correspond to the completion of a key deliverable, allowing the next phase of the work to begin. Some milestones are a critical decision point in the project where, for example, the consortium must decide which of several technologies to adopt for further development.

Title Description Authors Contributors Delivery Date
MS1: Scheduler support and development plan This milestone is linked toTask 3.3.1: Scoping of the Work. The document provides an initial Cylc development plan based on existing interactions with the cylc user community and information gathered at the ENES workshop on workflow. Mick Carter (Met Office),
David Matthews (Met Office)
Reinhard Budich (MPI-M) Feb 24, 2016
MS2: Application Stack running at FMI/CSC, preparation of System Stack T3.2 Team This document supports the work on the Task 3.1.3 of ESiWACE and the testing of the the installation process of the common Earth System Modelling (ESM) Software Environment at the Centre for Scientific Computing 1 (CSC) in Finland. This action was planned to be done in the context of the 3rd European Earth System and Climate Modelling School held in Helsinki, 9-21 June 2016... (read more in the report) Grenville Lister (UREAD) Sergey Kosukhin (MPI-M),
Kim Serradell (BSC)
Jun 21, 2016
MS3: Establish governance rules for new ESiWACE developments Effective governance necessitates intense exchange within and beyond the community. We have noted in the ESiWACE proposal (Sec. 1.3.3) that ... (read the full report) Philipp Neumann, Joachim Biercamp (DKRZ) Reinhard Budich (MPI-M),
Francesca Guglielmo(CNRS-IPSL),
Sophie Valcke (CERFACS),
Mick Carter (MetO)
Jan 10, 2017
MS4: System software stack D3.7 handed over to T3.1.3 team The system software stack has been handed over to the Task 3.1.3 team in February 2017. Kim Serradell Maronda (BSC) Reinhard Budich, Sergey Kosukhin (MPI-M),
Grenville Lister (UREAD)
Feb 15, 2017
MS5: Operational Demonstrator of ESD Middleware The demonstrator consists of three parts: 1) A typical I/O workload that is mimicking checkpoint/restart, 2) a HDF5 VOL Plugin to redirect and persist data to different storage targets and 3) a policy engine that fetches runtime information and adapts the storage target accordingly. Julian Kunkel (DKRZ),
Jakob Lüttgau (DKRZ),
Eugen Betke (DKRZ)
Aug 31, 2017
MS6: Reports on user support, training, and integration of NEMO and EC-Earth community models This report covers user support and training provided for NEMO and EC-Earth within the ESiWACE project. It summarises support activities qualitatively and gives some quantitative measure about the effort undertaken to support the community. Claire Levy (CNRS-IPSL) and Uwe Fladrich (SMHI) Feb 21, 2018
MS7: Prototypes of alternative storage backends Source code for the prototype has been produced and preliminary functionality tests have been executed. The source code is available in open source license in two repositories on Github: Julian Kunkel, Jakob Lüttgau (DKRZ) Sandro Fiore, Alesandro D'Anca (CMCC), Bryan Lawrence, Julian Kunkel (UREAD) Neil Massey (STFC), Huang Hua (SEAGATE) May 29, 2018
MS8: Prototype tape library for advanced tape subsystems This document includes details of the implementation and deployment of a multi-tiered storage library. UKRI-STFC: Neil Massey, Matthew Jones Jakob Lüttgau, Julian Kunkel (DKRZ), Bryan Lawrence (UREAD) Aug 31, 2018
MS9: Implementation of ESD middleware at STFC and CMCC to support the demonstrator This document contain information about the implementation, configuration and early performance evaluation. Julian Kunkel, Jakob Lüttgau (DKRZ) Sandro Fiore, Alessandro D'Anca (CMCC), Bryan Lawrence (UREAD), Huang Hua (SEAGATE) Aug 31, 2018
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