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 or you can take a short insight into our best results and success stories, here below.

Literature study on the state of exascale computing

The paper provides an overview of the current body of knowledge on exascale computing and on insights into the most important trends and research opportunities in this field.

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Virtual 6th ENES HPC Workshop and ESiWACE2 annual meeting

The 6th ENES HPC workshop in May 2020 was held as a virtual event for the first time

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Video illustrates ESiWACE

The video shows the reasons for and activities in ESiWACE

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ESiWACE Motivation

Convection-resolving simulations

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High-Resolution Atmosphere Simulations

Storm-resolving simulations with reso- lutions from 5km (global) to up to 150m (local)

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Feasibility Study and Model Performance

Feasibility for weather forecasts and per- formance of parallel execution

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Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Simulations

Coupling atmosphere and ocean simulations

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ESiWACE at the Supercomputing Conference 2016

Presenting new HPC storage concepts

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ESiWACE meets the ESCAPE projects

On the way to extreme-scale computing capabilities

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