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Key EU Developments in HPC

Main developments in the period 2016-2017

  • Three calls were launched to support the development of an HPC ecosystem under the FET HPC part of Horizon 2020. Two calls are still open.

FETHPC-02-2017: Transition to Exascale Computing (Open call: closing 26 Sept. 2017)FETHPC-03-2017: Exascale HPC ecosystem development (Open call: closing 26 Sept. 2017)FETHPC-01-2016: Co-design of HPC systems and applications (call closed)

Main developments in the period 2014-2015

Projects funded under the FETHPC calls are listed here:

At the ICT 2015 several sessions dealt with the new calls of Horizon 2020 related to HPC and e-infrastructures for the period 2016-2017.

Here is a selection of some interesting material:

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